What goes into creating the best theme parks, UK?

What goes into creating the best theme parks, UK? 1026 684 Fantasy Island

What goes into creating the best theme parks, UK?

Britain may not have the year-round sunshine that many global holiday destinations enjoy, but we still offer tourists some phenomenal theme park experiences.

That’s because the British have a long history of finding the best ways to entertain day-trippers and holidaymakers of all ages. From the medieval fairs showing off local produce and entertainment, to the invention of the first steam-driven rides in the late 19th century.

Of course, modern creators of funfairs in England and the rest of the British Isles need something a great deal more sophisticated to appeal to contemporary preferences! Which leads to the innovation and design excellence that’s been invested in Fantasy Island.

What makes a great theme park?

Looking for the ‘fear-factor’?

Fantasy Island is one of the top things to do in Skegness largely as it offers all the attributes that thrill-seekers crave.

Twenty-first-century fun fair fans want safe rides that challenge them, using speed, height, drops and twists to get their adrenalin pumping! Major attractions need to be exciting enough to make riders crave a second, third or multiple tries.

Rides for fun and laughter

The best theme parks are also inclusive and diverse, with a range of options for people who prefer not to get their heart racing! This needs to include child-friendly rides of course, and attractions with lower height restrictions, to make sure all ages are engaged and entertained.

Older visitors in family groups also need something to make the visit memorable. For example, Fantasy Island has some lovely walks and a great range of shops to explore.

Escape to an imaginary world

Perhaps the most overarching factor the best theme parks need is escapism.

Stepping into Fantasy Island on a day out to Lincolnshire transports you to a whole new world. This ‘fantasy’ element makes your park experience and memories truly magical. In the age of social media, it’s worth mentioning that theme parks with the right amount of fantastical design also offer awesome photographs to share!

Visitor safety and comfort

England’s long history of creating the best funfairs – and more recently lively and dynamic theme parks – has stimulated a modern generation of caring owners and management teams. They understand that visitors want to feel safe in parks, and have plenty of facilities such as toilets and eateries. More recently, they also work hard to put sanitation and social distancing measures in place too.

If you want to see how the best aspects of UK theme parks are all combined in Fantasy Island, book your day trip soon!