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What to do at Fantasy Island with the whole family

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What to do at Fantasy Island with the whole family

If you’re looking for the ideal day out in Skegness, you’ve arrived in the right place! At Fantasy Island, we have a diverse selection of exhilarating rides and attractions suitable for people of all ages.

We have Discovery rides for adrenaline addicts, as well as Little Explorer rides for children. Not to mention, there are multiple food vendors too, so you can get a quick bite to eat to keep you going throughout the day! Read on to learn more about some of the top attractions here at Fantasy Island.

Go shopping

Fantasy Island is home to Ingoldmells Market. Apart from being Europe’s biggest seven-day market, it also has a diverse selection of over 320 vendors. Everything from fashion items to toys and presents can be found here, making it the ideal destination for doing some shopping. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, gifts for friends and relatives, or a special treat for yourself, you’ll have a blast perusing these one-of-a-kind booths and supporting an incredible group of businesses.

Holiday events

If you’re seeking days out in the U.K for older children and adults, our theme park in Skegness has a variety of additional spine-tingling attractions to offer over a range of holidays including our very famous “Fear Island” in October.

For something to enjoy a little sooner, every Wednesday evening in Summer, Fantasy Island has a fireworks display once the sun has gone down. What a way to top off a great day with the family!

Enjoy the rides

Here’s a quick guide to the most exhilarating rides you can enjoy on your day trip to Fantasy Island. We’ve also listed which rides are appropriate for various age groups and heights.

1. The Rhombus Rocket

This exhilarating roaring rollercoaster is among the top attractions at Fantasy Island! Soar to great heights on Captain Rhombus’s train, which provides a spectacular view of the theme park. Any youngster under 1.2 metres in height must be accompanied by an adult on this Adventurer ride, and there is a minimum height restriction of 1 metre.

2. Millennium

Millennium, the world-famous roller coaster at Fantasy Island, is a must-do for adrenaline junkies! Even though this is a Discovery coaster, children under 1.4 metres tall must still be accompanied by an adult.

3. Log Flume

Our plummeting water ride is a lot of fun for the whole family. Log Flume is a thrilling ride that culminates in a massive splash at the end. Prepare to get wet as you head towards the summit of the mountain before taking a scream-inducing fall into the pool below! Children must be at least 1 metre tall to ride the Log Flume.

4. Magic

Make your senses dizzy as you whirl around and around on our spinning and swirling Magic ride! This Discovery ride is perfect for the whole family, but bear in mind that children must be at least 1.2 metres tall.

5. Seaquarium

The Seaquarium ride, which is specifically designed for Little Explorers, is jam-packed with wacky and humorous elements, as well as a musical twist! Perfect for the whole family, children under 1.2 metres tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Family-friendly attractions

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most family-friendly attractions you’ll find at Fantasy Island:

1. Family Entertainment Centre

Unfortunately, we can’t always depend on the weather in the United Kingdom. But there’s nothing to worry about! The Family Entertainment Centre at Fantasy Island provides all-weather activities for you and your children to enjoy.

We have old-school arcade games, such as the Wheel of Fortune, which will transport you back in time. In addition, you can discover a range of high-tech games that will keep young brains occupied for hours at a time.

2. Golfing at Lava Creek

Are you interested in putting your wristbands to good use? Take advantage of an endless quantity of adventure golf. We offer an 18-hole mini-golf course with a dinosaur theme that you can test your skills on.

In addition to being a fun setting, Lava Creek Adventure Golf enables you to harness your competitive side into something that the whole family can enjoy together. You could even turn it into a competition and come back every day for another round!

Contact the expert and friendly team at Fantasy Island today for more guidance on our range of attractions.