Why Fantasy Island is more than just a theme park

Why Fantasy Island is more than just a theme park 1920 1280 Fantasy Island

Why Fantasy Island is more than just a theme park

As one of the top five things to do in Skegness, Fantasy Island is often a popular choice for a day out with both the locals and visiting tourists. With rides such as the Rhombus Rocket and the Millennium, as well as a choice of three wristbands to suit every level of thrill-seeker, it’s hardly surprising that Fantasy Island is so popular throughout the year. However, did you know that there’s more than meets the eye at this wonderful theme park? Read on to discover some things that you might not know about before your visit to Fantasy Island.

An exploration of different cultures

Not only does Fantasy Island offer a rich variety of rides and stalls, but it also boasts a selection of stands selling cuisine from all around the world. Whether you and the family want to stick to British classics like fish and chips or branch out into delicious Chinese cuisines such as chow Mein or Szechuan pork, there’s a stall for everyone – be it a fussy adult or an experimental child.

Come and explore the market!

One of the most singlehandedly unique aspects of Fantasy Island is that it also plays host to an incredibly diverse indoor and outdoor market. The market is an intricate and winding maze that families could easily spend the whole day in, marvelling at every curio and trinket on offer! From clothes and shoes to absurd gifts to bring back home, there truly is a limitless abundance of items to buy. Not only this, but the market is free to enter (so you don’t need to purchase a wristband) meaning that you could easily do the market one day, and the theme park’s rides another – so that’s two days of your holiday planning sorted!

A marvellous indoor arcade

While most theme parks do have an on-site arcade, Fantasy Island does truly have one of the best. There’s an endless myriad of both retro and modern games to play, prizes to be won, as well as an indoor high-ropes area for children to play on! Between this, riding all of the exhilarating rides, and exploring the market, there is so much fun to be had at Fantasy Island all year round!