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Why Fantasy Island is the ideal place to spend Mother’s Day

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Why Fantasy Island is the ideal place to spend Mother’s Day

Looking for special ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Well, look no further. Fantasy Island may seem like an unconventional choice at first, but the more you think about it, the more sense it makes! Mother’s Day is all about bonding with your family and making some lifelong memories together, and there’s no better place to do that than at Fantasy Island.

As a bonding experience

Going to an amusement park can be a great bonding experience for families on Mother’s Day. This is because amusement parks such as Fantasy Island offer a variety of activities and attractions that can appeal to people of all ages, allowing everyone to have a fun and memorable time together. For example, taking a child for the first time on rides such as the Bizzy Dizzy Bees, Cuthbert the Crazy Caterpillar and Jellikins and seeing their eyes light up with excitement as they spin around can make for a life-long memory.

Older children who appreciate a faster-paced ride might cherish the ability to make memories with their families on Mother’s Day by remembering the time they heard their mum’s scream as they flew down the Wild River Rapids! No matter what type of ride or age your children are, surprise them all with a trip to Fantasy Island and let the bonding begin this Mother’s Day.

You can buy their present here

We’re sure there are some people out there who may have forgotten to get their mother a present this Mother’s Day, but rather than panicking, take her to Fantasy Island! We’re famed for having Europe’s biggest seven-day market: Ingoldmells Market. With 320 stalls to choose from, there’s nowhere better to take her to find the perfect present. For example, if she loves art, purchase a stunning landscape from Alton Canvas’. If she loves clothes, it’s a good thing the Designer Warehouse is here! With various names to be found on the racks, we’re sure you’ll find something.

It can be a cheaper experience

As well as spending time with your mum on Mother’s Day, why not extend the invite and bring the whole extended family along? Not only does this mean that your mum can get out of going on the rides she doesn’t want to by finding a cousin to take their place, but it also means that she can make memories with the rest of the family (for a fraction of the price). At Fantasy Island, we offer discounts for large groups, meaning that it costs less to enjoy such a memorable day! For example, for a group of 20 or more, you can receive a 25% group discount! However, this takes a little bit more planning before enacting as we must be contacted first.

It allows your family to show their appreciation for your mum

To show your mum how much you appreciate her, it’s worth putting a little extra thought into how she can spend her day. Traditionally, Mother’s Day involves sitting around at home with the family or going to a new restaurant, so why not do something a little more unorthodox? While she might be looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation, she can still put her feet up once you get back from a day of showstopping fun riding our rollercoasters!

For more information on why Fantasy Island is the ideal place to spend Mother’s Day this year, contact us today.