Why people love Fantasy Island and keep coming back

Why people love Fantasy Island and keep coming back 1023 684 Fantasy Island

Why people love Fantasy Island and keep coming back

Due to Covid-19, Fantasy Island has temporarily closed its doors – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to know why people love Fantasy Island so much. Throughout the year, many locals and tourists visit this theme park as there’s so much to do and more than meets the eye. Read on to know why Fantasy Island is so popular, and when it’s back open, you can see for yourself why it’s so highly talked of!

The diversity of rides

Most people go to theme parks for the rides, and Fantasy Island doesn’t disappoint with three wristbands available. The Little Explorer is for the little ones who still want to experience the fun-filled rides. Seaquarium is just one of many Little Explorer rides, where you can gaze at strange sealife and marvel at the wonders on display. The Adventurer wristband is perfect for those who are still small but want some thrills. The Rhombus Rocket lets you soar around the park on this rocket-powered train with Captain Rhombus beside you for company. Last but not least is the Discovery wristband, which lets you go on rides such as the famous Millennium, a high-speed rollercoaster that features loops and a sidewinder – perfect for adrenaline seekers.

Visit the market

Another reason why people love Fantasy Island so much is the market, which is Europe’s largest seven-day market. You will be able to find everything you need in it, from designer clothes and trendy toys to garden accessories and sporting equipment. The market also has many food stalls which sell a range of cuisine including some local delicacies which you should not miss out on. What’s more, is that the market is completely free to enter, meaning you can browse all you want without having to pay a penny.

Have a game of ten-pin bowling

Ten-pin bowling is the classic family game which brings out the competitiveness in everyone. A fun fact is that Fantasy Island is the first business outside of America to have Projection-Mapping VIP Lane Technology.

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