Practical tips for your kid’s first time at a funfair

Practical tips for your kid’s first time at a funfair 929 932 Fantasy Island

Practical tips for your kid’s first time at a funfair

Are you planning to take your child on their first-ever funfair trip to Fantasy Island? Firstly, we commend you for your interest in one of the most exciting things to do in Skegness. Although the warmer months may feel distant at the moment and the country may be under various kinds of restrictions, it’s never too early to start thinking about the practicalities of your next holiday or day trip.

If you’ve never taken your child on a trip to a funfair or theme park before, they may be feeling some trepidation. After all, amusement parks are big places that offer lots of different sensory experiences. To put their mind at rest (and, indeed, ease your own worries), it is a good idea to arrange the practicalities of your trip well in advance. To help you do this, we’ve collated some expert tips below:

1. Plan to get to the funfair early

As well as beating the traffic, this will give you as much time as possible to make the most of the funfair! Whether you’re taking the car or travelling via public transport, rising bright and early is likely to pay off. Your child may also feel more at ease if you arrive at a less bustling time of the day.

2. Bring plenty of sunscreen

Nothing is more likely to ruin a kid’s first trip to the funfair than a serious case of sunburn. To avoid this, stock up on plenty of sunscreen, even if the weather looks cool and cloudy. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the skin even in cloudy weather!

3. Plan which rides you will go on

The best way to make your child feel excited and reassured about an upcoming trip to Fantasy Island is to plan which rides and attractions to make the most of. Take a look at our access restrictions and let your child know which rides they are permitted to try out. This way, you can avoid any disappointment and ascertain which attractions may be a little too far out of their comfort zone!

4. Bring some wet wipes

You know what kids are like – mess appears to follow them everywhere. Wet wipes are a godsend throughout funfair trips, clearing up any food or drink spillages and ensuring that you and your family stay comfortable throughout the day.

5. Bring a pushchair if you have very young kids

Little legs can get tired easily at the funfair, so bring a pushchair to avoid fatigue or even tantrums!

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